NU-543-400S Class II Biological Safety Cabinet c/w 5434E21S UV Light | Bookmarking Site
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*Energy Saver (ES) DC/ECM Motor
*Motor Speed Control
*Internal Exhaust Dampener
*Monolithic Pressure Tight Design (Silicone Free)
*HEPEX Zero Leak Airflow
*Front Filter Removal
*Permanent Plenum with Quick Release Supply Filter
*Metal Frame Supply HEPA Filter 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns
*Metal Frame Exhaust HEPA Filter 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns
*10” [254 mm] Access Opening
*Frame-less Sliding Tempered Glass View Screen
*External Fluorescent Lighting
*Plastic Armrest
*Removable Work Tray
*Work Surface Support System
*Metal Diffuser Over Supply Filter
*Spill Trough with Drain Valve
*Two Duplex Outlet Back-wall
*One Service Valve Right Side Wall
*One Service Coupling Right Side Wall
*Two Service Couplings Left Side Wall
*12 ft [2.5 m] Power Cord


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